The Test Cricket League would be far simpler to follow than the ICC Test Championship.  The criteria used to determine the standings actually mean something concrete, enabling the ramifications of series results to be easily calculated.

Incentive to Succeed

As in the Ashes, teams (and fans) should enter series desperate to either retain or regain the ‘ownership’ of the series.  They should know that failure to do so will result in a long and painful wait for the next opportunity.  The Test Cricket League provides a model in which this attitude is fostered.

Higher Stakes

Each individual series attains a far greater significance in the rankings and is thus played for higher stakes.  Teams cannot fall back on a good result in a previous series – they must perform in the current series.

Eliminates Meaningless Series

Each series yields a meaningful result: either an outright victory for either side or a draw where the current holder retains the series trophy.

Focus on Historic Rivalries

Far greater focus is cast on the history between the sides as the all-important identity of the series holder swings back and forth.

Greater Fluidity in the Rankings

Teams can move up (or down) the table relatively quickly, providing a tangible incentive for good performance and discincentive for bad performance.

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