The Idea

I believe one of the biggest challenges facing Test match cricket is the lack of context surrounding each series.  Over and above simply winning for its own sake, there is a palpable absence of any significant goal towards which competing nations are motivated to aim.  The singular exception to this is the Ashes, and it is my intention to bring the same sense of context inherent in this ever-absorbing series to other Test rivalries.

The existing ICC Test Championship was created in order to serve this purpose.  However, I feel that it has totally failed to provide any overarching sense of structure.  This is mainly due its labyrinthine complexity, which for the layperson, makes calculating the consequences of results nearly impossible.  A disconnection has thus been created between the action on the field and the Championship.

What I propose is a far simpler system, based on the the same structure that I believe brings so much added interest to the Ashes.

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